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The Advanced Swiss Cell Therapy in Soft Gels

Our bodies are made up of trillions of living cells. Each cell takes in nutrients, converts nutrients into energy and carries out specialized roles to keep our body functioning properly.

Normal body cells grow, divide to make new cells, and die in an orderly manner. Thousands of new cells are replicated every day to replace old cells that have become worn out or damaged. In healthy young individuals, this “heal and repair” cycle is fast and efficient. But as we grow older, our rebuilding processes become slower and less effective. Improper nutrition, stress, pollution, sun damage, smoking take a heavy toll on our bodies and alcohol tend to suppress this renewal process even more.

Celergen, the only Swiss Marine Cell Therapy, works on a cellular level to promote efficient repair and replacement of damaged and dead cells – helping us fight aging, boost energy and vitality and maintain and extend youth.

Cell Therapy is a potent transformative treatment which triggers the stimulation, rejuvenation and renewal of our cells. This renewal or healing process is crucial in keeping our body tissues and organs in optimum health. Cell therapy fuels up our body’s own healing and revitalizing powers and exerts a long term effect.

Celergen’s effectiveness stems from revolutionary advancements in marine cell therapy, taking extracts from certain deep-sea marine creatures to offset the effects of premature aging, fight age-related degenerative diseases, and heighten our immune systems. Based on a unique Swiss Cold-Process DNA Extraction Technology that gathers the proteins essential to the supplement, Celergen delivers these proteins in capsule form so that they easily enter the blood stream and the brain, triggering enhanced cell activity.

kenneth-orbeck“What is special about Celergen is that it is not a pharmaceutical and yet it truly works on a cellular level to promote regeneration and can slow, if not reverse, the aging process. It provides the bricks and mortar for the cells to regenerate.”

Dr. Kenneth Orbeck
BodyLogicMD – Greenville, SC

Swiss Proprietary Cold Extraction Technology

Unlike other cell therapies which involve injections, Celergen comes in a softgel form that is taken orally. While most supplements employ heat during the manufacturing process, Celergen is produced utilizing proprietary Swiss Cold Process DNA Extraction technology. This technology eliminates all intense heat steps to retain the highest degree of bioactivity and potency and ensure that the chemical integrity of Celergen is not compromised.

Intelligent Formulation for Maximum Absorption

Not every nutrient you take is absorbed by your body. The bioactive ingredients of Celergen have been chemically bound to peptides, which escort the micronutrients across the intestinal barrier into the blood system where they go to work restoring and rejuvenating individual cells.

Celergen softgels are fortified with special double-enteric coats and strengthened by superior Anti-Reflux Technology to prevent stomach digestion and ensure that the active ingredients and micronutrients are released only in the small intestines for potent and effective absorption.

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