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Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex

After years of robust research, Celergen’s team of Swiss, French and German scientists have discovered the powerful anti-aging properties in deep sea marine life. They have harnessed the power of this underwater treasury to formulate Bio-DNA Cellular Marine, Celergen’s most potent ingredient.

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex is a super antioxidant specifically designed to act as a protective agent against cell oxidative aggression. In addition to its healing properties, Celergen has been clinically proven to be extremely effective in replenishing energy and stamina with amazing speed – the perfect recuperative nutritional Cell Therapy Treatment.

The formulated Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex is produced using Celergen’s exclusively patented proprietary biological DNA extraction technology. This superior extraction technology that prevents the depolymerisation of the active ingredients and guarantees Celergen’s optimum potency.

Clinical studies show that Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex has the following health benefits:

  • Banishes old-age pains
    Has been proven effective to alleviate back, hip and knee pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Slows down cellular aging
    Counteracts damage caused by free radical attacks on DNA, proteins and enzymes, extending the life span of cells throughout your body
  • Enhances vitality
    Improves stamina during workouts and speeds up recuperation afterwards
  • Boosts energy levels
    Leads to a noticeable reduction in overall physical and mental fatigue
  • Improves mood and quality of life
    Lightens symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improves sleep quality
  • Increases brain function
    Enhances memory and sharpens mental concentration

Peptide E Collagen

Peptide E Collagen, one of Celergen’s essential ingredients, is made up of all-natural collagen and elastin peptides in the same proportions as that of human skin.

Peptide E Collagen comprises the highest premium grade quality collagen and elastin peptides from France and has been proven to reinforce skin hydration and elasticity. The moisturizing effects of Peptide E Collagen are supported by clinical studies involving women 40-55 years old. Peptide E Collagen is easily absorbed, lifting and toning slack areas, rebuilding outer skin layers from the inside out to improve hydration and skin thickness while also reducing lines, wrinkles and roughness.

Peptide E Collagen has also been reported to aid in improving bone density in people who suffer from protein malnutrition and joint diseases. It also reduces pain by allowing collagen fibers to reform and improving the overall condition of the cartilage.

Clinical studies show that Peptide E Collagen has the following health benefits:

  • Younger, glowing skin
    Lifts and tones loose skin and protects it against environmental damage, minimizing apparent lines and wrinkles within days.
  • Helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis damage
    Helps prevent progressive destruction to cartilage and other joint structures seen in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Pain relief in fibromyalgia
    Actively represses pain transmission and lowers levels of inflammatory factors inside joints; also allows collagen fibers to reform, improving the condition of cartilage. Easily absorbed by the body, its ability to accumulate in cartilage makes Peptide E Collagen an effective tool in combatting the damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

uzzi-reiss“The peptides in Celergen go directly to the skin and this is where most of my patients notice an immediate and pronounced difference. Their skin looks healthier and seems to have a certain glow about it."

Dr. Uzzie Weiss
Founder of the Beverley Hills Anti-Aging Center for Men and Women

Hydro MN Peptide

Hydro MN Peptide, the third of Celergen’s essential ingredients, is a marine cartilage extract with a mix of hydrolyzed proteins (mainly Collagen) and polysaccharides (35-40% chondroitin sulfate). Hydro MN Peptide plays a critical role in regeneration of cartilage, treatment of osteoarthritis and improvement of our skin structure, hydration, elasticity and texture.

Hydro MN Peptide is also a Glycemic Index (GI) lowering peptide and has been clinically proven to reduce the GI of Carbohydrates by 37% which would otherwise be converted into fats and accumulate in our body. Peptide N has been shown to prevent unhealthy body fat accumulation, which aids in maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing the risk of obesity, whilst alleviating symptoms of type II diabetes.

Clinical studies show that Hydro MN Peptide has the following health benefits:

  • Delays skin aging
    Protects against UV radiation and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and dilated capillaries.
  • Maintains skin tone
    Significantly improves the skin’s moisture balance, maintains texture and elasticity.
  • Protects against osteoarthritis damage
    Promotes the natural rebuilding of cartilage and other joint structures damaged by osteoarthritis.
  • Improves joint mobility and reduces pain
    Combines three natural components – chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen – proven to be effective and safe in the long-term alleviation of symptoms related to osteoarthritis. Easily absorbed by the body, Hydro MN Peptide is equally beneficial for both the skin and cartilage.

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