Reduces Arthritis Pain

Life with arthritis can be troublesome and unsettling. For most people, the pain and stiffness can make a challenge out of the most mundane tasks like changing clothes or driving a car. How would you like to power through your daily activities and enjoy playing the sports that you love without body pain?

Celergen, the world’s only Swiss Marine oral cell therapy supplement, can help you start living a dynamic and pain-free life without having to resort to painkillers or surgery. It’s a proven natural remedy that helps manage osteoarthritis pain effectively and naturally – without any known side effects.

In a clinical study, 15% of invalids treated with Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex (Bio-DNA CMC), Celergen's key ingredient, reported significantly less knee and hip pain, compared to just over 25% for Diclofenac. At 42 days, nearly 40% of invalids reported a significant reduction in their knee and hip pain with Bio-DNA CMC, relative to 35% with Diclofenac.  See the detailed Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex clinical study.

Management of Osteoarthritis Pain

Effect - knee and hip pain

Dr. Uzzie Reissuzzi-reissFounder of the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center for Men and Women tells the story of one of his osteoarthritis patients:

“It was so bad that her fists looked as if they were permanently clenched. She couldn't straighten her fingers. In addition to the pain, it caused her great embarrassment.”

After 3 weeks of Celergen:

“She gave me a high-five. It was one of the most dramatic turnarounds that I have ever seen."

Order Celergen today for:

  • Live an Active, Pain-Free Life
    Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex is highly effective in alleviating osteoarthritis pain, reducing dependence on harmful pain medications.
  • Ward Off Joint Breakdown
    Peptide E Collagen delays cartilage destruction in joints, along with reducing joint pain and inflammation.
  • Regain Youthful Mobility
  • Hydro MN Peptide helps your body rebuild cartilage and other joint structures, significantly improving your body’s joint mobility.

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