Sports Stamina

Do you get tired so easily that you find yourself unable to complete a workout or play your favorite sport continuously? Don’t you just wish you can bring back those days when you can go on jogging and running for hours?

Maintaining your physical stamina or endurance is essential in meeting your fitness goals without body aches, exhaustion or injury. Year after year, we experience evident physical symptoms of aging like lack of energy, fatigue, muscle pain, breathing difficulties are gradual loss of vision. These are usually a result of your body’s poor absorption of nutrition and reduced cellular activity.

Celergen, the world’s only Swiss Marine oral cell therapy supplement, is a potent healing and rejuvenative therapy that thwarts age-related fatigue and restores your physical well-being. One of its ingredients, Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex, fuels your cells with the nutrition they need to stimulate cellular enzymes critical for self-healing and energy production, triggering the rejuvenation of individual cells in your body – without any known side effects.

A clinical study reports that consumption of Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex led to significant reductions in self-reported muscle pain (63%); vision problems (57%); palpitations (46%); breathing difficulties (55%); flatulence (46%); dizziness and excessive sweating (62.5%). In a related study, subjects reported a significant reduction in their tiredness levels, both in the evening and after waking up in the morning.

See the detailed Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex clinical study.

Improvement in Stamina During Exercise and Recuperation After Exercise

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Order Celergen today for:

  • Heightened energy levels – roll back the years as Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex stimulates cellular enzymes to restore your energy to youthful levels.
  • Improved physical well-being – experience significantly fewer unpleasant physical symptoms of aging including muscle pain, loss of vision, palpitations, breathing difficulties and others – thanks to Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex.
  • Enhanced Recuperative Powers – experience greater stamina and faster recovery after physical effort, along with improved ability to ward off injury and disease.

BSCG CertifiedCelergen is certified by BSCG and therefore does not contain any Stimulants, Steroids, Hormones, Diuretics & Masking Agents, Beta Blockers, Anabolic Agents, Narcotics and Metabolic Modulators.

Celergen is extremely safe for long term consumption and is BSCG Certified Drug Free for elite athletes & professionals. See Celergen BSCG Certification with batch number (Celergen Cell Therapy – Lot#F14-00) or certification at

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