bruce-lowellDr. Bruce Lowell

Lowell Health and Longevity Center
Great Neck, New York

"Having seen first-hand proof of what Celergen can do, in both myself and my patients, I now know that something remarkable is definitely going on. Some of my patients reported improved libido and sexual performance, while some said it helped reduce joint pain and gives them a better night’s sleep. There were others who couldn’t quite put a finger on exactly how they felt better, just that they had an overall improved sense of well-being and yet another patient told me that, in addition to warding off depression, Celergen help improved his blurry eyesight. I think Celergen marks the beginning of a new era in how we approach rejuvenating the human body. The possibilities are endless and exciting."

juan-remosDr. Juan Remos

Founder of the Wellness Institute of the Americas, Miami

"I’ve had several male patients who, having been on Celergen for a month or two, no longer see the need to take Viagra. It gives them a renewed sense of vitality across the board."

kenneth-orbeckDr. Kenneth Orbeck

Greenville, South Carolina

"What is special about Celergen is that it is not a pharmaceutical and yet it truly works on a cellular level to promote regeneration and can slow, if not reverse, the aging process. It provides the bricks and mortar for the cells to regenerate. Patients come in complaining about knee pain or joint swelling. After a short regimen of Celergen, the pain often disappears altogether and the afflicted area shows improved range of motion and strength. Celergen, working on a cellular level, helps reduce inflammation, which in turn improves neural transmitter response. This all combines to reduce stress and anxiety, leaving patients with more energy, more acute focus and a general all-around sense of well-being."

uzzi-reissDr. Uzzi Reiss

Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center for Men and Women
Beverly Hills, California

"Celergen is a remarkable tool that can help improve our well-being on multiple levels. It is the Rolls Royce of supplements for the human body. If you drive a rare Ferrari or own a private jet, you know that you must look after it with top quality products and maintenance. You should show that same respect for quality when it applies to yourself. Celergen goes to work on our vascular systems, which can keep the rise of sugar lower after we eat and, ultimately, forestall certain conditions like Type II diabetes."

thomas-tzikasDr. Thomas L. Tzikas

Facial Plastic Surgeon
Delray Beach, Florida

"I am a busy, 54-year-old facial plastic surgeon and looking young and feeling energetic is a necessity! I started taking Celergen about 4 months ago without changing anything else in my life. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed an overall increased energy level during my rigorous daily schedule with much less joint and muscle aches. My skin texture and elasticity as well as my focus and mental clarity have improved. It is hard to believe that a supplement can do all these things. I have incorporated Celergen into my practice and have many of my patients experiencing the benefits as well."

michael-klentzeDr. Michael Klentze


"I myself used Celergen some years ago when I had complete tears of my two knees meniscus. I went to an orthopedist and they wanted to do a surgery. I’m a marathon runner, very sportive and I cannot do this surgery. So I tried Celergen instead. Like a miracle, all my pains went away. I could walk again after a short time. I am now again running. No pain in the knees, nothing. I went to an MRI to check this and the meniscus on both sides were totally healed.

Celergen really works wonders, by directly affecting the immune system, regenerating, rejuvenating, reducing inflammation and creating a more youthful looking, energetic personality."

robert-barrDr. Robert Barr

Barr Family Dentistry
San Jose, California

"About three months ago, most of my joint aches and pain disappeared. My wife started taking it and her fibromyalgia disappeared by 80-90% and she has more energy. I recommend Celergen to all my patients."

Dr. Glen Guillet

Anti-Aging Cell Therapy of Texas
Beaumont, Texas

"At 74, after bypass surgery, I figured things might never get better. Enter Celergen! I no longer wear a back brace, I work 14 hours a day and I never complain of being tired."

rene-dell-acquaDr. Rene Dell’Acqua

Dell’Acqua Dental Studio
Palm Desert, California

"It has increased my metabolism, helped to shed the last few pounds that I wanted to lose, and I no longer have jet lag—ever!"

david-minkoffDr. David Minkoff

LifeWorks Wellness Center
Clearwater, Florida

"We do a heart rate variability test in our office that reflects the health of the nervous system. Before I started taking Celergen, my test showed a stressed nervous system. Now, after just four months, it is balanced and vital. Celergen has really helped my body."

Dr. David Manganaro

Manhattan Advanced Medicine
New York, New York

"I have personally experienced increased energy and my patients are reporting a better sense of well-being, mental clarity and less anxiety."

chong-kimDr. Chong Kim

Anti-Aging Medicine
Torrance‎ California

"My patients are experiencing everything from hair growth and radiant skin texture and appearance to regularity, weight loss, increased energy, and relief from joint pain. Although patients’ experiences have varied, they are not willing to go back to a life without Celergen."

michael-hytrosDr. Michael Hytros

The Anti-Aging and Bariatric Clinic
Chicago, Illinois

"I sleep much better now and wake up with renewed energy. I believe Celergen is the best natural supplement enhancing the quality of life."

joyce-lenderDr. Joyce Lender, MD

Dermatology and Aesthetic Services
Elyria, Ohio

"I immediately noticed a multitude of benefits. I noticed improved skin texture and felt an increase in my energy levels throughout the day; I was sleeping much better throughout the night and woke up feeling much more rested. I also noticed improved mental clarity and an overall sense of improved well-being."

karla-grovesDr. Karla Groves

Lexington Aesthetics and Family Medicine
Lexington, Kentucky

"My skin has never looked better and the dark circles and volume loss are dramatically improved! I’ve also noted significant improvement in my energy level and ability to concentrate. I no longer have headaches or allergy symptoms! Feeling this great is priceless."

angelo-baccellieriDr. Angelo Baccellieri

Westchester Wellness Medicine
Harrison, NY

"I have been on Celergen for about three months and have suffered chronic pain to my ankle from a fall. Now I am walking without a limp and have decreased the pain and stiffness. I no longer need to take NSAIDS."

eleana-papacharalambousDr. Eleana Papacharalambous

Managing Director of Ortho Biotiki Medical

"First of all, I love the fact that Celergen is easy to bring around and its benefits are multi-faceted. My usual anti-aging therapy regime amounts up to about 10 – 12 softgels a day which can be quite daunting. However with Celergen, all I need is 2 a day to sustain me.

After 4 days of Celergen, I can proudly proclaim that I feel more energetic, have better quality of sleep and wake up feeling invigorated. After a month of Celergen, I noticed my skin look more radiant than before. Another benefit that took me by surprise is the fact that I stopped feeling dizzy whenever I feel tired."

nina-svinoDr. Nina Svino

Esthetic and Lifestyle Dentistry
Seattle, Washington

"My overall mood and outlook have definitely improved. I feel more energized and focused."

mercedes-schaafsmaDr. Mercedes Schaafsma

Miami Anti-Aging and Metabolic Institute
Miami, Florida

"My mind is clearer and my memory sharper. Celergen is a super food for my cells. I absolutely recommend Celergen to my patients"

keren-priyadarshiniDr. Keren Priyadarshini, 38


"Having taken Celergen for just over 10 days, I must say that it is a supplement that has multi-faceted advantages.

I had to conduct interviews non-stop for 8 hrs a day, 3 days consecutively, and never did I feel an iota of fatigue while taking Celergen.

The following morning is always bright and fresh with no hangover of the previous day. Celergen is quite effective in helping my body cope with the daily vagaries of life keeping my energy levels at an optimum high!

Celergen also works wonders for my skin too, after my pregnancy."

Terry GrossmanDr. Terry Grossman

Grossman Wellness Center
Golden, Colorado

“Friends I hadn’t seen in a year or so would comment ‘You look great, so much younger. Did you have laser surgery or something?’ The only thing that had changed in my daily regimen was the addition of Celergen, so I had to attribute it to that. I have much more energy and stamina I haven’t felt in 20 years.”

Kara VanWormer HartmanDr. Cara VanWormer-Hartman

Founder of Therapeutic Health Associates
Hinsdale, Illinois

“After a couple of months on Celergen, I began noticing what I can only describe as better mental clarity. The difference was subtle but nonetheless profound. At work, I found that I had increased focus and better recall. Celergen vastly improves my ability to serve my patients.”

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